Unless you’re very familiar with the wedding industry, you may not have heard of a wedding designer or understand how this role differs from a wedding planner.

A wedding designer is similar to an interior designer in that their job is to establish and maintain a cohesive style for your wedding, from the décor to the lighting to the furniture. In fact, many wedding designers also have experience in interior design or fashion.

They can offer assistance in developing a color palette, choosing flowers, creating floor plans, and even choosing hair and makeup styles for your big day. From invitations to your grand exit at the reception, a wedding designer can help you make sure your wedding vision comes beautifully to life.

Develop a theme and/or color palette

You may have a hundred ideas on your wedding Pinterest board but no idea how to translate them into real life—or how to create a cohesive theme. A wedding designer can help you settle on a color scheme, flowers, and décor that all work well together and will make your wedding photos look amazing!

Stick to your budget

A wedding design manages parts of you wedding budget, like the flowers, décor, and lighting. They can help save you money because they will work hard to keep to your allotted budget by using their connections and relationships with vendors to get discounts on services.

Turn your venue into a stunning scene

Whether your venue has beautiful architectural details or is a blank canvas of white walls, a wedding designer can create a gorgeous cohesive look. Instead of struggling to brighten up a white space with randomly chosen décor, a designer will view the space and create a focused plan based on your chosen colors or theme, bringing your vision for your wedding to life.

Handle any décor issues that arise

If anything goes wrong with your décor, whether a piece isn’t delivered or breaks, the wedding designer will handle the problem and make sure that it’s resolved. While a designer won’t deal with every issue that comes up, they can solve issues that fall under the design umbrella, taking at least a few things off your already-crowded plate.

Create a unique wedding experience

Maybe you want something truly special and personalized to you and your partner’s interests. A wedding designer can help you carry off that vision in a way you would probably struggle to on your own. They can curate décor and props that may be harder to find, creating a wedding and reception vibe that truly feels like you. 

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