Even if you’re early on in your wedding planning, you’ve probably seen a beautiful floral arrangement on Pinterest or at someone else’s wedding…and then realized just how much those flowers cost.

Flowers is one part of the wedding budget where most couples tend to go over because they underestimate what fresh flowers actually cost. 

Fortunately, there are ways to have beautiful blooms in your wedding without breaking the bank. 

Prioritize color and texture

Most couples tend to start by choosing a specific flower, but choosing a particular type of flower looks you into a certain price point. Instead, choose a color and/or texture that you like and find flowers that match your vision. Many flowers have similar looks but wildly different costs. So, instead of getting your heart set on peonies, focus on the color red and go from there.

Think about how many flowers you really need

You don’t need flowers on every pew down the aisle in the church, and not every table needs a fancy centerpiece. Instead, try to keep it simpler. Only put flowers on alternating rows of the aisle or include additional items in your centerpieces and just use a single rose.

Repurpose your flowers

Use your bridesmaid bouquets to decorate the head table or transfer the chair bouquets from the ceremony to the centerpieces for the guest tables at the reception. Your flowers don’t have to stay in one place, and using them for decoration in multiple spots can really save you money. 

Think beyond flowers

A centerpiece doesn’t have to consist of flowers. There are so many things you can use for centerpieces, from thrifted books to decorative vases and candle décor. There are some many ways to have a beautiful and elegant centerpiece that don’t have to consist of flowers. Using multi height candles can allow for a full and texture feeling center piece.  

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