Michele And Brittani

Unique Weddings and Events has been a leader in the New Orleans’ wedding industry since Michele Caswell-Adams founded the company in 2001. Through the years they have received exemplary reviews from their clients time and time again.

Since 2001, the team has grown into a tight-knit family of event planners with a shared passion for helping others celebrate life’s special moments. Thanks to Michele’s vision and the team’s dedication, the Unique Weddings and Events’ has maintained strong and loyal vendor relationships which have added to their continued success

Michele Caswell Adams


I am a 4th generation New Orleanian. I began my career in the hotel, restaurant and event planning industry in 1989. My hotel and catering experience has tremendously enhanced my knowledge of the important components of great food, fine wines, impeccable service, amazing ambiances and seamless execution of events.

In 2001, I decided to leave my position as Director of Catering and Marketing at a French Quarter Boutique Hotel to further develop Unique Weddings in New Orleans. While in the hotel industry I saw the same events play out almost every weekend. My love for our city and hospitality industry made me realize I wanted to broaden my exposure to other places New Orleans had to offer. I wanted to be able to express my enthusiasm for fashion, design and create amazing and memorable events utilizing my unique creative talents to create one-of-a-kind luxury events weekend after weekend.

As a mother, there is nothing I cherish more than my husband and our children. My company grew at a very rapid pace and at times my personal life seemed to be non-existent. One day in Brittani’s early teenage years, I asked her if she wanted to come to work with me. We both quickly realized she had a natural passion for event planning.

As a result, she became a regular on my team and through the years her loyal commitment and work ethic became obvious that one day she would follow in my footsteps. My continued passion for what I do has only grown from being able to work so closely with my daughter, my best friend, and my business partner. We are able to support each other and each other’s clients by allowing them access to both of us and knowing that our morals and ethics are the same.

You are going to get the same level of respect and devotion from the both us. Sometimes that means sending Brittani a half-legible text, and she knows exactly what it means (as most say “osmosis”) to get you an answer to your time sensitive question.

Over the past years as our business has grown, so has our family. In 2013 our family was blessed with a beautiful granddaughter Isabelle from my son Devin, and in 2014 Brittani and her husband Adam blessed us with the most adorable grandson Aydian.

On my days of I am a devoted wife to my wonderful husband of 23 years, Johnny, caretaker of my many cats (I am known as the crazy cat lady) and a self-proclaimed chef, cooking Wednesday and Sunday family dinners. Doing something you love isn’t a job it’s a blessing.

Brittani Adams-Perret


I am the daughter in the mother-daughter duo. A 5th generation New Orleanian. I began my career in wedding planning part time in 2001. My passion for design and a keen eye for detail quickly grew into a love for the industry after working with my mother on the weekends. I embraced the industry when I graduated from High school and began working full-time in the catering business and then in the hotel rooms side of the hospitality industry while continuing to working with my mother on the weekends and attending the University of New Orleans.

In 2009, I decided to make the jump and become an event producer for Unique Weddings in New Orleans. Once I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Orleans in business with a concentration in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism I was promoted to partner. This accompanied with my experience in the hospitality industry and working with my mother has given me the tools and knowledge to understand the complex dynamics of running a successful event.

Following in my mom’s footsteps isn’t what I would have told you I would be doing prior to 2001. There is something about the vulnerability of watching two people join their lives forever in front of their closest friends and family and then watching everyone come together to celebrate their love that I simply fell in love with.

To be a part of making their dreams come to life in such a way that they will forever remember that day. I got to watch this at such a young age that it’s like it’s ingrained in my DNA. The compassion for our clients, making their day a resemblance to the love they share and I get to do it with my best friend.

I get to come to work every day and know that I have the support from the best partner anyone one could ask for because my mom has always been there from the beginning and I will cherish that for a lifetime.

When I’m not making someone else dreams come true you can find me in my own happy ending with my amazing husband and our precious son or all of us at my mom’s house having family dinner in the back yard.

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