For some couples, wedding planning is a fun activity to do together, while others find it stressful and overwhelming. Maybe you enjoy touring venues and considering color schemes or maybe you don’t even know where to begin.

Whether you feel in your element while wedding planning or completely lost, a wedding planner can help you stay organized and even save money. From dealing with vendor contracts to making sure everything runs smoothly during the ceremony, a wedding planner can take a lot of the stress off you and your partner, allowing you to truly enjoy your big day.

They can help you stick to your budget

Your wedding budget may be hard to stick to, especially if you don’t know how much money to allot for each item. A planner, however, has a better idea of what costs to expect and can help you determine which aspects of your wedding matter the most to you and which you can skimp on. Even the smallest decisions can equal big savings, and a professional wedding planner can help you cut corners in the right places and spend the big bucks where it counts the most.

They will champion your vision

You may have a perfect image in your head (or on your Pinterest board) of what you want your wedding day to look like, but it can be a challenge to bring that vision into reality. A wedding planner will focus on creating your vision for your wedding and seeing it through from the early stages of planning to your exit from the reception.

They can ease your wedding stress

Working with a wedding planner is easier not just for you, but for your vendors as well. Wedding planners have fewer questions and understand a vendor’s needs and responsibilities in a way that a couple may not. A wedding planner can keep things running smoothly and take a lot of responsibilities out of your hands. Instead of micromanaging every detail, hiring a wedding planner allows you to relax a little more in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

They will be your advocate

A wedding planner often has relationships with vendors in your area and these relationships are key to the success of your wedding. After all, a couple will only work with a vendor once, but a wedding vendor will bring back repeat business—or won’t if they end up displeased with the vendor’s work. Since they bring a vendor more business, a wedding planner is more likely to get a little lagniappe from a vendor or be able to find a way for a special vendor to be part of your wedding without blowing the budget.

They can coordinate the entire day

Whether your ceremony and reception are in the same venue or in separate places on opposite sides of town, a wedding planner can keep things moving and handle all the details. While you may freak out over a minor issue, a planner knows how to deal with unexpected problems and fix them quickly. Instead of trying to direct everything yourself, you can rely on a wedding planner to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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